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Jock or Nerd? What do you want your kid to be?

Jock or Nerd? What do you want your kid to be?

Are you your kids biggest fan? The loudest one in the cheering section? When they excel in sports, how do you reward them? How about when your kid does well academically? It’s difficult to find a good balance between athletics and academics when raising your child. Your support for your child’s achievements can be different, but how you celebrate a job well done can always be the same-with enthusiasm!

In this episode Todd and Kent discussed the way they treat their kids athletically and academically, the conversation sparked by LZ Granderson’s article Why I’m raising my son to be a nerd for CNN. There are many upsides to encouraging a more academically focused youth, explored by Todd and Kent.

Now they aren’t saying one is better than the other, but who’s got the better shot at a scholarship? The child with the 3.95 GPA, or the kid who hit 2 home runs one time in 8th grade?


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