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Raising Boys vs Raising Girls. Which is harder?

Raising Boys vs Raising Girls. Which is harder?

What’s harder? Raising a boy or a girl? The debate rages on. Lots of parents chimed in on this one. Kent and Todd differed in their opinions. Todd feels that boys get cheated because nobody thinks they are emotional and by not dealing with that side of their personality, parents are doing them a disservice.

Also one man put a list together of 50 Rules for his Unborn Son: Unsolicited advice for his man-in-training. Many of them made sense. Some were completely bizarre. There were some that didn’t make the list. What about the advice that you received as a child? Kent loved the reason to keep all of your letters. Todd laughed at #35: Try a hairstyle that you’ll one day regret. I’ll get over it.
The link is at our webpage. See which ones resonate with you.

And find out where to get the best parenting posts on the Internet. And as for that drink I was talking about along with Activated Charcoal to help stop diarrhea? It’s called Recharge. Great stuff.

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