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One clueless woman’s answer to loud and unruly children on airplanes

One clueless woman’s answer to loud and unruly children on airplanes

Keli Goff, a columnist for The Huffington Post, believes that parents with unruly children should be fined by the airlines. If you can’t get your child to be quiet so Keli can sleep or get her work done, then you should be fined.

Well you guessed it. This kind of set me off. Now, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t just rail on her. I wanted to deliver some resources and tips that would help parents deal with Keli and Malaysian Airlines who is now launching Child-Free cabins in the sky.

In this episode, I will share with you a couple of tricks to use with your kids that can help stop them from screaming on a place and I will teach you about the GREATEST tool ever invented to help you with your children’s outbursts and more importantly your outbursts at them. There is a way to make this situation better. Keli Goff’s idea is an insult to her intelligence, though by her answer it is doubtful she has much.

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  • Jaideep5

    Was disappointed to hear your views on Keli Goff. While I do appreciate that parenting is not easy and at times it may not be possible for children to be made comfortable on a flight, it does not mean that others do not have right to silence. Much as I would “suck it up” if there was noisy child on the flight and perhaps help the parents in comforting the child and putting the parents at ease, a no kids or no noise cabin would be a blessing.
    Try traveling in a train in India and be prepared to be drowned by loud phone conversations – would I be happy to have a no phone or children berth yes offcourse .
    Perhaps you need to see it from the other side also.

    • Jennifer blakley

      I understand that it is frustrating for some one who is childless to tolerate what can be very annoying behavior. It’s frustrating for anyone. I don’t exactly enjoy hearing children scream when I am traveling either.

      Personally, as a parent, I don’t have problem with some one requesting a child free cabin at a higher price. As long as this type of service doesn’t eventually punish families and raise cost for them. That would be the concern.

      The issue for me is that this woman believes that parents should be FINED. This point of view completely lacks compassion for parent and child.

      Have you ever tried to quiet a screaming child on a plane? It is incredibly stressful and drains every ounce of the parents energy. The parent has no control over a child with and ear ache, stomach ache or high level of frustration from being confined.

      It’s true that parents need to try to be as respectful as possible by entertaining their children, providing, snacks, drinks or medication to soothe them.
      However, it’s disappointing that society isn’t more tolerant of children and supportive of parents. I think this is the problem that this dad is getting at.

      Adults can put on headphones to work on the computer, listen to music, meditations Cd’s or watch a movie. The parent and unhappy child have little choice about the situation they are in.

    • Todd

      Jaideep5, thank you for taking the time to listen to the show and your comments. You are right, I haven’t been on a train trip in India. :) I am a believer in Parents should be seen and not heard, though I will admit, that is not the way I am all the time, but I’ll keep trying.

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