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Can we really protect our kids? Should we even if we could?

Can we really protect our kids? Should we even if we could?

Kent and Todd tackle a stupid business idea, Baby Headgear. What the hell has become of parents? Are we so lazy that we can’t protect our children? This sets the stage for a show full of discussion about what is wrong with kids, parents and those kids that go Goth. Who is to blame? Parents. Where and how can we fix these issues? In this episode, because Todd and Kent have answers.

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  • Marie in San Diego

    I don’t think you can really generalize “goth” as a negative thing. I was gothic in high school. But I was neither depressed nor a loner. I was the only girl on our high school wrestling team and I was very outgoing and happy. As were MANY of my goth friends.

    Now, I am no longer goth, I am a very hippie-ish crunchy attachment parenting mom who works in corporate insurance. For the MAJORITY of “goths” it is just a clothing/style like any other clothing or style.

    People have gone and shot up areas and done horrible things under the guise of a LOT of different things. Religion, identities, bullying, depression, mental issues. To generalize like you can cause more problems than it can solve. The best lesson to teach your child it to get to know the person for who they are and to not judge them on what they wear or what they look like.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Marie in San Diego

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